1. Stand up comedy act


  2. Please take a second to like my design for this contest.  Some bitch recruited her mom to share her design so that she is now winning.  IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT.

    Peace and Blessings.


  3. If anyone who sees this could just like my design for a T-shirt contest, I would be eternally grateful and use my contacts with God and Oprah to have you lauded with good fortune for the future.  Thank you for dealing with my shameful begging.


  4. Florence + The Machine | Marina & The Diamonds | RADIOSPECTRUM

    I’m turning radioactive and every colour illuminates.

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  6. Mean Girls meets: Harry Potter (part 12)

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  7. Mean Girls meets: Harry Potter (part 9)

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  8. soltier:

    I wonder if Oprah still thinks about the time she got ran over by Josh

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  12. #saveas

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